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12th Symposium - 1995

Paper Title Authors Full Text
A Simulation Program to Project Casualty and Illness Rates
The Prediction of the Costs of Military Operations - Training, Deployment, Sustainment, Recovery R Atkinson
The Role of Technical and Military Judgement in CIS COEIAs Jeremy M A Berwick, D Haws, Dr David Marsh
A Scenario Projection for the South China Sea; Further Experience with Field Anomaly Relaxation R G Coyle, Capt Y C Yong
A Development Process OOTW / OMO Analytic Toolkit David F Davis
TOPAS: a Petri Network-based Simulation Tool for the Strategic Shift and Supply of Armed Forces Martin Deister
JACOPS - Modeling Contingency Operations Alfonso A Diaz, Jerome R Visser
High Level Cellular Automata Model: functional description Dr Lorraine Dodd
The Role of Field Experimentation in Streamlining the Redesign of the US Army in the 21st Century Dr Henry C Dubin
Sufficiency of Force in Conventional Warfare R C Goodman, G Hawkins
OR Assistance to Crisis Reaction Army Task Force Planning Robert Hagen, W Haas
The Record of Missile Attacks on Ships Prof Wayne Hughes
A Robust Approach to Military Research Programme Planning Dr David Marsh
Military Judgement in C3I Studies - Is it Judge and Jury? Graham Mathieson
Possible Futures: The CAEN wargame as a tool to generate scenarios I M Mitchell
The Operational Requirement-based Casualty Assessment (ORCA) Model David N Neades
The Price of Attrition I Netzer
Developing Models of Decision Making Dr Walter L Perry, James Moffat
A Technique for Measuring Consensus: an Application to Maritime Decision Making Dr Walter L Perry, James Moffat
Fast simulations of conflict with embedded Command and Control: An application of the use of Cellular Automata S Richardson, Dr Lorraine Dodd
Readiness Assessment David Schrady
Friendly Fire Data and Analysis Eugene P Visco
The Application of Utility Theory to Air Campaign Modelling R C Wheeler, J E M Raraty
UNTITLED PAPER: Information on the Prediction of Casualties CORDA
UNTITLED PAPER: Methods for force development planning