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3rd Symposium - 1986

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Some Problems in Determining the Relative Cost Effectiveness of Land and Air Systems in a Land-Air Battle D R Andrews
Historical Data on the Contribution of Air Interdiction to the Progress of the Land Battle D R Andrews
Linear Programming in Air Defence Modelling G C Beare, I P Hornby
Cost Effectiveness Assessment Mr M F Booth
A New Capability for Conducting Air Defense Identification: Friend or Foe Studies Thomas B Cavin
The Choice of Measures of Effectiveness in Assessment of Attacks against Military Airbases T D Clayton, A M Simons
TACTYX: Description of a Game Theoretic Air War Model and examples of results obtained with it Dr N Dazzi, Mr F H Venables
Modelling the Air to Ground Munitions Expenditure of Theatre Air Forces Mr C J T Edwards
Evaluation of New Systems for AH Defense Kurt Grau, Maj I G Moller
The Factors and Structure of Combat - A Revisit Dr Donald S Marshall
Assessment of Anti-Armour Stand-off Missile Concepts G R Martin
Command, Control, Communications Modeling in Large Force-on-Force Models Mr Gale R Mathiasen
Analyzing the Impact of Tactical Airlift on Land-Air Campaigns G Miller, S Bonder, J Bambery, S Spaulding, A Weintraub, R Farrell
An Improved Search and Scan Technique for Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) Crewmen Greg H Parlier
An Evaluation of the Vulnerability of a Threat Helicopter to the XM77 Dual Purpose Improved Conventional Munition Stephen F Polyak
Asymmetries in the Application of Forces Lt Gen Philip D Shutler
The Use of a Simple Analytical Model in Understanding Air Defence Interactions I T Simpson, G A Robins
A Methodology to Investigate the Performance of Systems Engaging Targets in Depth J B Taylor
Analytic Models of Duels Between Helicopters and Ground Based Weapons K Wand, R J T Wilson
Communications Model-Tactical (COMM-T) Robert J Yearley
Advocate: A Modular Approach to Air Defence Modelling Scicon
On an Architectural Approach for the Evolution of Air Defenses for High Value Targets Huber, Niedzballa
Sensitivity of the Low-Level Air Threat on Optimum Weapon Characteristics Middleditch
Emerging Results of TRASANA C3 Countermeasure Studies Bennett
Articulating Force Interactions for NATO Long-Term Planning Coyle, R Goad
Modelling the British Army on the Rhine Artillery Re-supply System Kempster, Denly
Combat Damage Repair Analysis of Helicopters using the COVART/HEVART code T Broeck