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8th Symposium - 1991

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Effectiveness of a Microclimate Cooling System during work in high heat while wearing Chemical Defense Ensemble G R Banta, A Sucec, R S Pozos, D Trone
Use of Wargaming during the Gulf Crisis to Support High Level Decision Making D G Brown
Determining the Army's Logistics-Over-The-Shore (LOTS) off-load requirements Mr Alan R Cunningham
Analysis of Air Operations during Desert Shield/Desert Storm Maj Frederic T Case, Capt Christopher W Hines, Maj Steven W Satchwell
Mission Focused Critical Operational Issues and Criteria (COIC) Dr Henry C Dubin
Estimating Casualties in Structures Martin J Fertal, Capt Steve Harris
Predicting Tank and Tank Crew Casualties for Operation Desert Storm from World War II Data R C Goodman
Studying Engineer Countermine Systems in Support of Airland Battle using the Combined Arms and Support Task Force Evaluation Model (CASTFOREM) Stan Gray
USACE Support of OPERATION DESERT STORM Amphibious Operations Dr Lyndell Hales
The Battle of 73 Easting: a Historical Introduction to a Simulation Michael D Krause
Use of Sleep Disciplines to Mitigate Thermal Hazards to Operations in Southwest Asia Richard E McNally, LTC Steven R Hursh
The Development of Scenarios to Support Software for Operation Granby I M Mitchell
The Army Unit Resiliency Analysis (AURA) Model and its Application to Operation DESERT SHIELD/STORM Lisa K Roach, J Terrence Klopcic, Robert M Sheroke
Chemical Weapons/Heat Stress Analyses in Support of Operation DESERT SHIELD/STORM Lisa K Roach, Stephanie S Juarascio
OA Support for the Royal Artillery D M Roberts
Selection of Units for Rotation to Desert Shield George C Spencer
Operational Research Support to Air Transport Group during Operation FRICTION I Taylor
Light Helicopter (LH) Deployability Analysis Erik Tollefson
Investigating Sustainability of the Canadian Deployment of CF-18 Aircraft to the Gulf Dr Peter J Young, Dale F Reding
The Development and Impact of High-level OA Techniques in Support of the UK Contribution to the War in the Gulf I G Lidderdale
Mine Breaching for DESERT SHIELD/STORM: A quick reaction analysis D Davies
Operation GRANBY: In-theatre support to 1(UK) Armed Division Hugh D Richardson
Threat Related Attrition (THREAT) System Non-Combatant Casualty Assessment T R Smogur, J M Whitehead
The Dynamics of Casualty Rate Estimation Medical Resource Allocation and Medical Outcome before and after DESERT STORM Christopher G Blood, William M Pugh
Training Effectiveness of the British Army in relation to Operation GRANBY/(DESERT STORM) L Roberts, M Kelly, D Lawton, S Holroyd
Assessing the Impact of Chemical and Biological Warfare on Land Operations in the Gulf R R Hunt, N J Lambert, Maj J D J A Turner
Modelling of the Novel Weapons for Operation DESERT STORM P A Fozard
Operational research conducted at HQ CCENTAF in support of Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM Maj Frederic T Case
Fleet Operational Analysis Section (FOAS) support to Operation GRANBY G Shepherd, P Martin, N Carter, M Fowles
OR support to anti-ship Missile Defence Tactical Development for the Gulf War K R Wheaton
Casualty evacuation for Operation GRANBY S Kempster