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The Cornwallis Group Workshops

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2014 - Cornwallis XIX: Analysis of Commercial and Market Force Roles in Conflict Management and Mitigation

2013 - Cornwallis XVIII: Analysis for Evaluation and Assessment

2012 - Cornwallis XVII: Analysis of Trafficking and Transnational Threats

2011 - Cornwallis XVI: Analysis for Future Conflict

2010 - Cornwallis XV: Analysis for the Future of Afghanistan

2009 - Cornwallis XIV: Analysis of Societal Conflict and Counter-Insurgency

2008 - Cornwallis XIII: Analysis in Support of Policy

2007 - Cornwallis XII: Analysis for Multi-Agency Support

2006 - Cornwallis XI: Analysis for Civil-Military Transitions

2005 - Cornwallis X: Analysis for New and Emerging Societal Conflicts

2004 - Cornwallis IX: Analysis for Stabilization and Counter-Terrorist Operations

2003 - Cornwallis VIII: Analysis for Governance and Stability

2002 - Cornwallis VII: Analysis for Compliance and Peace Building

2001 - Cornwallis VI: Analysis for Assessment, Evaluation and Crisis Management

2000 - Cornwallis V: Analysis for Crisis Response and Societal Reconstruction

1999 - Cornwallis IV: Analysis of Civil-Military Interactions

1998 - Cornwallis III: Analysis for Peace Operations

1997 - Cornwallis II: Analysis for and of the Resolution of Conflict

1996 - Cornwallis I: Analytic Approaches to the Study of Future Conflict