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1st Symposium - 1984

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Advantages of Manual War Gaming Dr G P Armstrong
Project Foresight Phase I: A Constrained Battlegroup Orbat Optimisation Methodology R J M Bailey, R A Cooke
Bridging the Gap Between Wargames and Closed Simulations Donald K Blumenthal
The Netherlands Army Corps Model W C Borawitz
New Initiatives in Combat Modeling Mr Jesus E Carrillo
The Application of Lanchester's Equations to Naval EW Assessment John Edwards
Some Considerations on a Statistical Test for the Validation of Simulation Models D A Hartley, Dr A M Christer
STOIC: A Method for Obtaining Approximate Solutions to Heterogeneous Lanchester Models P J Haysman
Transition Diagrams and Decision Tables in Simulation Design N A Jerrome
The Human Factor in Combat Modelling S Labuc
Combat Modelling in Defence Studies W T Lord
The Military Conflict Institute: Purpose, Methodology, and Results to Date Dr Donald S Marshall
Tactics and Terrain: Interdependency and Transferability of Combat Results Ewald Mertes
The BGM / WEBS Comparison J G Owen
SLEW Mk1: A Direct-Fire Model at Battle Group Level M J Read, K Wand, P J Haysman
The Nature of Morale M E Reed
Modelling on Non-Penetrative Effects of Indirect Fire J Saunders
Prospects for Land Combat Modelling J P Wood
Weapon Systems and Combat Models: Their Evolution and Functional Regularities R Gagliano
Novel Logic Based Simulation Development Language P Miles
Combat Representation in the Computer Based War Game H Koehler
Multiple Attribute Combat Simulation System R Piercey
The Validity of Assumptions Underlying Current Uses of Lanchester's Attrition Rates C J Anker
Field Trials and Modelling D Rowland
A Technique for Using Probabilities in Unclassified Tests G L Starkey
Generalised Terrain Modelling Using Graphics A S Douglas
Development of Appropriate Tactics for the Assessment of Concepts for Weapon Systems G Bader
Automated Decision Making in Combat Models L F Jones