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2nd Symposium - 1985

Paper Title Authors Full Text
An Approach to Modelling Obscuration Effects Dr A T Baxter
Human Factors in Operational Testing C T Bennett, G R Mastroianni
A Review of Tactical Nuclear Analysis and Modeling Limitations 1955 - 1985 Donald K Blumenthal
Multivariable Control Theory for Lanchester Type Models L G Callahan Jr, S P Stuk
The Importance of Considering Information Errors in Combat Modelling T D Clayton
Qualitative Assessment: BAMUSE Mr A A V Cockle
Experiments with the Battlefield Engagement Simulator and Trainer (BEST) K Ellis
An Analysis of Tank Attributes A F Everett, B Harmsworth, Dr R J R Miller, Maj R Hanbury
Artificial Intelligence in Wargame Postprocessors James Fox, Maj Henry Wier
Simulating the Command, Control and Subordinate Systems (CCS2) Dr Leon D Godfrey, Maj Richard M Curasi
Hierarchy of a Military Force Level/Structure Decision Process Leonard P Gollobin
The Air Threat to Anti-Tank Helicopters D L Hawkings
On Model Assumptions and Inputs for the Analysis of Reactive Defense Options Hans W Hofmann, Reiner K Huber
Concepts for a Tactical Fire Control Decision Aid Richard C Kaste
Analysis of The Fire Support Team: Force Development Testing and Experimentation II Virginia A Kaste
Mathematical Modelling of the Tank Gunners Target Tracking Ability and its Contribution to the Effectiveness of the Fire Control System M Kelly, G Horsley
Sea King Replacement Project: Application of Evaluation Methodology - Structuring the Evaluation Plan Capt D Krant
Psychological Stress and Performance - Human Factors S Labuc
Modeling Subjective Decision Making Douglas C Mackey
Component Parts, Processes, Principles and Structures of an Anatomy of Military Combat Dr Donald S Marshall
The Effect of Weapon Deployment on Low Level Air Defence Effectiveness A Middleditch
Human Factors Representations for Combat Models G Miller, S Bonder, D Thompson
Detailed Representation of Target Acquisition in Low Level Battle Modelling Dr T Noon, Dr R J R Miller
AASD-I: Testing for Tactical Detectability CPT David L Payne
Fix Accuracy from DF Baselines Michele Provencher
Calculating Maritime Force Requirements E T Tweddell
Royal Navy Sub Harpoon Tactical Studies S R Winter
Total Platform Weapon System Assessment D Wrigley
Exploitation of Digital Cartography in Land Battle Studies G L Howell
Analysis of a Land Warfare Database Col (Retd) T N Dupuy
Progress Report on the CHASE Project Dr Robert L Helmbold
Capturing Expertise: Some Approaches to Modelling Combat Decision Making in Combat Analysis D Thompson, G Miller
Battalion Level Combat Analysis with the Model ELAN H M Sassenfeld
Micro-Terrain Modelling B J Munroe
Construction, Validation and Usage of Terrain Models W K Olson
The Use of Judgemental Methods in Defence Operational Research P J Haysman, D A Hartley
Methods for Evaluating Contractors' Proposals B F Hough
The Use of the Analytic Hierarchy Process for Prioritizing Material Developments and Procurements Dr Leon D Godfrey
Articulating Issues in Long-Term Planning in Allied Command Europe G Coyle, R Goad