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30th Symposium - 2013

Paper Title Authors Full Text
30 ISMOR Programme
1 August 2013 - Ronnie Shephard Memorial Address Prof Lyn Thomas
Identifying Cyber Defence Challenges in Acquisition: A Soft-Systems Approach Andrew Beard
A macro-economic approach to understand the affordability of a nation's defence budget Dave Exelby, Martin Turner
Assessing the benefits & risks of investment in cyber defence capabilities: A UK MOD analysis approach Victoria Flatman, Colin Mooney, Nick Walmsley, Alasdair Vincent
The Soviet Transition in Afghanistan Brig (Retd) Tom Longland
Rapid COEIA for complex decision making Andrew Hodges
Including Cyber Defence in the High Level Analysis process C Irwin
Behavioural Indicators of Potential Violent Action: Review of the Science Base Dr Walter L Perry, Dr Paul K Davis, Dr Ryan A Brown
Defence - Planning for the Future (In the context of certain or uncertain worlds, constrained budgets and changing defence structures. A perspective from inside Head Office.) Alan Shoolbread
Understanding the true cost of delaying MOD major programmes Chris Watson
Analysis of whole-of-force design and planning Anthony Ween, Dr Thitima Pitinanondha, Ivan L Garanovich, Dr Nitin Thakur
Afghan Perceptions of ISAF - Difficult Questions Dr D F Mikulskis, F D Butcher
Re-examining the Surge: What SIGACT Data Tell Us Dr Anton Minkov, Dr Peter Tikuisis
Manual Gaming Workshop - 31 July 2013
Assessment in Support to Operations - A Preliminary Investigation of Dependence between Survey Data and Military Activity Elin Marthinussen
Collective Analysis of Air Lessons Steve Redmond
Military OR and ISMOR - a 30th Symposium Retrospect Dr Roger Forder, G Visco
Foot Marches and The Infantry Weight Load: A Physiological-Mathematical Model Dr Eylam Gofer
On Infantry Vulnerability: Casualties from Direct Fire Ben Levav
Utility-Based Methods for Acquisition Decisions John Moore
Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Welcome G Visco
Support to the NATO NLW: Concept Development and Experimentation Working Group Alan Roland-Price
Fast, Free and Fun: Lightweight Simulation Modelling with Python Dr John D Salt
Capability Based Operational Analysis: URBAN WARRIOR 5 Dr N Paling, Dr P Spencer, Dr N H J Stanbridge
Land Forces Decision Support: a renaissance for historical analysis Dr Paul R Syms
"Understand this for me": Software for Concept Analysis David Upton
29 ISMORs Revisited Dr Roger Forder, G Visco
A Methodology to Address Capability Development in an Uncertain Future Bruce Chapman, Peter Gizewski
Modelling and Analysis of Different Localization of JSF Squadron Using Causal Maps Prof Dobrila Petrovic, Pawel Zdanowicz, C Irwin
A UK perspective on campaign level constructive simulation Dr Simon Collander-Brown, Mike Byrne, Gareth Toomey, Paul Glover
Still Agile? Back to the Future 5 years on... John Medhurst
Anglo-French Portfolio Analysis Dr Craig Smith, Dr Philippe Sellem
Critical Analysis Technique for Development of Concept Guidance Dr Nitin Thakur, Dr Thitima Pitinanondha, Lt Col Alistair Dickie