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4th Symposium - 1987

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Decision Analysis Applied to Terrain Analysis for Military Planning Capt Timothy Ascani
Bistatic Radar for Identification of Hostile Targets (BRIHT) Walter J Beck
A Theoretically Based Evaluation of the Korean Tunnel Search LTC Vernon M Bettencourt Jr
The Performance of Tank-Gun-Launched Smart Munitions W I C Blackburn, P J Davie
Intervisibility in the Amberg Region of Germany: A Study of Engagement Opportunities and Ground Coverage Dr Paul N Chouinard, Mr G Thibault
Search for Multiple Dependent Targets Dr Anthony P Ciervo
Applying Laboratory Generated Data via a Vision Model to Practical Problems K J Cooke
Monte-Carlo and Non-Monte-Carlo Methods of Modeling Detection Processes Robert L Farrell
A Case for Error Analysis Mr Edwin M Goldberg
The Impact of Environmental Factors on the Performance of Millimeter Wave Seekers in Smart Munitions Ralph Hager
Generating Battlefield Performance Estimates for Anti-Armour Sensors and Weapon Systems Ms Diana Frederick
Modelling Visual Target Acquisition: Search Strategy and Sight Slewing Jeremy L Hinton
An Assessment of Thermal Imager Target Perception Models W G Hookey, H T A Pentecost
An Integrated System for the Modelling and Analysis of Human Error in Target Tracking M Kelly, Dr A T Baxter
A Model of Small Arms Targets A R Newman, S J Hewitt
Target Acquisition Study III Mr Saul L Penn, Walter J Bauman
Sense and Destroy Armor (SADARM) Effectiveness Analysis Powell
Millimetre-Wave Radar Modelling for Smart Munitions M J Quinn, D F Buckle
Assessment of a Millimetre-Wave Seeker J D Redman
Operational Research Studies Relating to Probabilities of Detection and Whereabouts for Canadian Search and Rescue Operations Paul H Saunders
Effects of Range of Visual Aircraft Recognition on the Air Battle John D Tubbs
Combined Target Location Distributions: Overview of a Bayesian Approach Dr Patrick D Cassady
Researching the Target Acquisition Capabilities of a Stand-off Missile System Knight
Wide Area Surveillance Rubright
Exploring the Potential of Target Detection by Millimetre Wave Radiometry Embling
IFSAM - The System Assessment Model for SMART Munitions Phipps
Computer Simulation of Submarine Target Detection Nadean
Air-Launched Missile Attacks on Ships Nyland
Modelling and Simulation of a Field Artillery Target Acquisition System Neri, Giobbolini
Line of Sight and Target Acquisition Modelling in Direct Fire War Games and Combat Simulations Rendall