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5th Symposium - 1988

Paper Title Authors Full Text
An Operational Transformation of Remotely Piloted Vehicle Test and Performance Data LTC Vernon M Bettencourt Jr
Detection of Soviet Bomber Incursions through Satellite Surveillance P E Desmier
Value of AFV Mobility on the Future Battlefield C V Dixon
The Logic of Scientific Discovery as Applied to Testing Military Systems Dr Henry C Dubin
Simulating Combat in Low Intensity Conflict Col (Retd) T N Dupuy
Military History and Case-Based Reasoning: A New Approach to the Application of Artificial Intelligence to Battlefield Decision-Making Col (Retd) T N Dupuy
A Review of the Soviet Approach to Military Historical Research and its Applicability to the Battlefields of the Twenty First Century D M Evans
A Methodology for Assessing the Benefit of C3 Systems in Fighting a War Yuen-sun Fu
Weapon Assessment based on Computerised War Gaming of the Future Battlefield: The RARDE Divisional War Game (DWG) Dr M J Healey
A Knowledge-Based Fire Control Aid for a Multi-Target Environment Mike Kelly, Pete Smith, Julian Dean
Using a Theory of Military Combat to Forecast Twenty-First Century Battlefield Dynamics Dr Donald S Marshall
Methodology in Military Models Wilbur B Payne
Precision Guided Indirect Fire Weapons as Weapons of Mass Destruction Wilbur B Payne
An Autonomous Undersea Surveillance Vehicle: Concept and Operational Feasibility R H Riffenburgh
The Relevance of Historical Analysis to the Study of Future Wars and Weapons D Rowland, J Coyle
Measurement of C3 Effectiveness Prof Michael G Sovereign
Game Theory Approach to Determine Hit Probability for Moving Sea Target Haluk Unaldi
Philosophy on Combat Power in Modern Warfare Lt Col Rein J van Vels
DILTAS J R Withers
Acquisition of Targets on Tree-Lined Roads Dr D J Wood
Models and Measures for Analysis of the Battlefield in the 21st Century Miller
Modelling Future Weapon Systems in Monte Carlo Models Ermannsdorffer
A Judgemental Approach to the Assessment of Defence Capabilities Coyle
Breakpoint Analysis: Developing a Model of Forced Changes in Posture Hawkins
NATO Confidential Session Seguin, Baker
The MLRS Interactive Computer Aid (MICA) Russon
RPVs in a Maritime Role in the Defence of the W Baltic and the Baltic Approaches after the year 2000 Jaeger
A Multiple Target Detection, Tracking and Classification System Moy, Samwell
Conventional Munition Casualty Generation Modelling Coe
Laser Weapons in Air Defense Grenard
Air Defence in the Missile Age Jones
Space Systems and Army Missions Horn, Harris