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6th Symposium - 1989

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Canadian Forces Personnel: Resources, Attrition, and Policy Considerations G A Bossenmaier, T A Ewashko
Optimal Career Mix of Enlisted Military Personnel Jonathan A K Cave
Threat Related Attrition (THREAT) System Dr Carlos J Coe
Leadership and Infantry Effectiveness in Battle Russell C Coile, Ernest J Conway
Assessing the Survivability of Tank Crew R E Cooke
Structural and Behavioural Aspects of Pilot Attrition from the Canadian Forces T A Ewashko
Psychological Effects of Weapons: A Proposal on Modelling Methodology for Secondary Indirect Effects/Suppression Ada W D Gilman
Mass Surrenders R C Goodman
Current Injury Assessment Techniques for Complex Waves Kenneth T Dodd, Gary R Ripple, Thomas G Mundie
Patient Workload Methodology Col George W Hausler
Predicting Shipboard Battle Casualties Jackson T Hawkins, CDR Sean Butler
Innovative Approaches to Implementing Manpower Models S Isbrandt
PECAR - Personnel Casualties and Replacements Siegfried K Lehnberg
Hazards from Toxic Gas Injury in Defeated Armored Vehicles Gary R Ripple, Thomas G Mundie
A Unified Methodology for Crew Casualty Assessment David N Neades
Crew Casualty Assessment in Live Fire Testing James F O'Bryon
A Strategy for Computing Disease and Non-Battle Injury Rates William M Pugh
ComputerMan - A Personnel Vulnerability Tool Richard Saucier
Matching the Warship to the Sailor Lt Cdr J D Strain
A Sociological Study of the Canadian Reserve Force: Findings, Trends and Implications for the Future Susan Truscott
The Damage Functions Based on Commanding Officer's Experience Haluk Unaldi
Human Behavior in Combat Eugene P Visco
Simulation Model for Air Force Wartime Medical System (WAR-MED) J M Whitehead
Performance Database for Operations Conducted While Wearing Chemical Protective Equipment Charles H Wick
Mobilization and Operations Directorate: Point of Contact for Casualty Estimation in the US Army - Getting the Right Stuff Capt Irmgard I McMahon
Use of Databases in Determining How to Develop a Medical Planning Model D C R Leake
A Simulation of the Army Casualty Evacuation System P Robinson
FASTAID: A Training Tool for Casualty Evacuation in the British Army M Young, M Kelly
Do Battles and Wars Share a Common Relationship Between Casualties and Victory? Dr Robert L Helmbold
The Effect of Sustained Military Operations on Human Performance C Y Gooderson, R J Edwards
A Multi-Attribute Decision Process for Determining Military Communities (MILCOMS) Relative Worth W E Banks
Human Factors in Operations Research J P Papin, J Y Ruissean, D le Mentec, B de Langne
Comparison of an Artillery Suppression Model with Trials J Saunders