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14th Symposium - 1997

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Aggregation for Army Equipment Programming C T J Allard
Reducing Life Cycle Costs/Level of Repair Analysis Models used in the Decision Process Clarke J Fox
Anticipatory Logistics AMSAA
The Application of Synthetic Environments to Defence Systems OA British Aerospace Royal Ordnance
Analytical Support to Peacekeeping Operations in Bosnia Barbara Bormolini
The Principle of Least Cost, the Friction of Conflict and the Quantum Mechanics of Command and Control B D Bramson, T R Field
New Directions for Analysis in the 21st Century Dr Alfred G Brandstein, Dr Gary E Horne, Bienvendio P Intoy, Richard J Linhart
Prioritisation of Research Programmes using Portfolio Analysis J M Coyle
Some Approaches to Futures and Forecasting Geoff Coyle
The Use of OA in a Training System COEIA Dr A J Dunlop
Economic Analysis of Civil Emergency Efforts - a Methodological Approach Janne Merete Hagen
US Developments in Analysis Support to Operations Other Than War Dean S Hartley III, Dr Cyrus J Staniec
Combat Readiness of National Guard Divisions: a Study of Mobilization and Deployment Capability Charles F Hawkins, Stanley A Horowitz, John R Brinkerhoff
Personnel Attrition Rates in Historical Land Combat Operations Dr Robert L Helmbold
An Overview of US Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) Analytic Activities Dr Jacqueline Henningsen
On the Careful Use of Models Robert G Hinkle
Information Warfare - a Threat to Future Military Operations Dr Susanne Jantsch, Robert Hagen
Application of Parallel Thinking Process to 'Soft' Operational Analysis Mr Hemant P Jariwala
Casualty Estimating or Whose Data Do You Want to Believe? Michael J Young, R C Goodman, C McLeod
Prioritizing Alternatives: Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses Martha Krug Nelson
Project Evaluation and Selection Methodology for Turkish Armed Forces Altan Ozkil, Guner Gursoy
Unit Cost Escalation: Implications for Policy P G Pugh
Operational Analysis at the PJHQ: One Year On Hugh D Richardson
Assessing the Effect of Heroism on Combat Effectiveness D Rowland, A Richardson
Evaluation of New Technologies Hartmut Schedler, Dr Ralph Koch
Concept for the Application of Simulation in the German Army
A SA-approach for Coordination of Military Air, Sea and Land Operations Joacim Tegnesjo
Investment Appraisal for the Higher Management of Defence Gareth Webb, John Beasley