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Hugh D Richardson

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Lessons from CT Operations in NI Judith Rawle, Hugh D Richardson
Feasibility Study into the Application of Soft OA Techniques in Peacekeeping Scenarios John Holt, Hugh D Richardson
Operational Analysis at the PJHQ: One Year On Hugh D Richardson
Casualty Estimation in Open and Guerilla Warfare Hugh D Richardson, Goodman
The Application of Influence Diagrams to the Study of Police Force and Low Intensity Operations Hugh D Richardson, J M Coyle
A Re-creation of Operation 'Desert Sabre' using the CARCO System Dynamics model Hugh D Richardson, J M Coyle
Force and Operational Capability Investigation (FOCI) Hugh D Richardson, R A Kendall
Friendly Fire R C Goodman, Eugene P Visco, J J Harding, Hugh D Richardson
Operation GRANBY: In-theatre support to 1(UK) Armed Division Hugh D Richardson
MOE & EBO in HQ ARRC Hugh D Richardson
An Outline of the FASST Concept and the Road to FASSTEX 1/92 Hugh D Richardson