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17th Symposium - 2000

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Campaign Monitoring in Kosovo: OA Support to HQ KFOR Pete Bailey
Project Albert Overview Maj Russ Bergeman, MIDN Dan Reiher
Modelling Missions of Light Forces K A Bertsche
DIAMOND A D Caldwell
Importance of Think Tanks for a Newly Emerging Democracy: a Croatian Case Study Dr Kresimir Cosic, Dr Imre Balogh, James Fox
Assessing the Risk of Concurrent Operational Demands R W Funk
An American Foray into Soft OR Priscilla A Glasow
The Effect of Numbers R C Goodman
Operational Analysis at the Frontline - a Generic Approach to Measuring Progress? Suzanne Griffin
Implications of New Technologies for Maritime Operations in 2015 and Beyond N Krarup-Hansen
Designing an OOTW Impact Analysis Tool Dean S Hartley III
Argonaut Modelling Jason Hatton
An Assessment of the Role of the Reserve Component in Military Transformation Charles F Hawkins, John R Brinkerhoff, Stanley A Horowitz
Modelling Command Control & Communications: a general approach used in HORUS / FIT Dr Franz Knoll
Defence Needs Simulation for an Uncertain Future J Komarek
Status of German Army OR Col Hans-G Konert
GECRI Model: an unusual use of Factorial Analysis (geopolitics and crisis prevention) G Lascar
Measuring Human Factors in Combat: Part of the Enemy Prisoner of War (EPW) Capture Rate Study Christopher A Lawrence
US Management of Complex Contingencies, Potential Global Partners, and Challenges to Achieving Unity of Effort A Martin Lidy
Human Experiments on the Values of Information and Force Advantage Lt John McGunnigle, Prof Wayne Hughes, Tom Lucas
Man with a Movie Camera: a quantitative method for evaluating video recordings in support of Operational Analysis I M Mitchell
Self Organised Criticality, Manoeuvre Warfare, and Peace Support Operations James Moffat, Maurice Passman
Measuring the Effects of Knowledge on Combat Operations Dr Walter L Perry
Using and validating the Strategic Assessment Method (SAM) - Soft OA for supporting strategic decision-making M Purvis
Developing the Strategic Assessment Method (SAM): Blending Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis J M Catherall
System Dynamics v Discrete Event Simulation: Is there a Winner? K Rawlings
Mechanised Warfare in Urban Terrain Peter Rindstal
Sea-based Logistics and Lessons from the Falklands David Schrady
The Anatomy of Combat: the Quest for the Holy Grail R J Volluz, R M Volluz
The Conflict Analysis Tool: a framework for the study of Operations Other Than War (OOTW) David West
A Model of Command & Control as an Optimization Process with Implications for C2 Structure R C Wheeler
Surprise and the Revolution in Military Affairs: an historical investigation of how advances in technology could influence the likelihood and the effects of surprise Michael J Young