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James Moffat

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Developing Models of Decision Making Dr Walter L Perry, James Moffat
A Technique for Measuring Consensus: an Application to Maritime Decision Making Dr Walter L Perry, James Moffat
The Analysis of Strategic Communications using Petri-Nets James Moffat
European Defence Cooperation in an Uncertain Security Environment Reiner K Huber, James Moffat
Agile Forces - Complex Adaptive Systems and the Scenario Space John Medhurst, James Moffat, Tom Scales, Stuart Taylor
'Understanding and Analysing More Mature NEC' James Moffat
Looking to the Future: Representing Higher Level Planning in a Wargaming or Synthetic Environment S Fellows, James Moffat
Modelling Human Decision-Making in Simulation Models of Conflict James Moffat
Defining New Landscapes for Control and Influence to Determine the Value of Information Dr Lorraine Dodd, James Moffat, S Richardson
Formulating the Problem and the Strategy for Solution James Moffat
Bayesian Decision Making and Military Command and Control James Moffat, S Witty, Dr Lorraine Dodd
Self Organised Criticality, Manoeuvre Warfare, and Peace Support Operations James Moffat, Maurice Passman
Representing the Command and Control Process in Simulation Models of Conflict James Moffat
Representing the Human Decision-making Process in Simulation Models of Combat James Moffat, Dr Lorraine Dodd
Improving Behaviours in Defence Acquisition James Moffat, T Gardener
Discontinuity in decision-making when objectives conflict: a military command decision case study James Moffat, Graham Mathieson, Dr Lorraine Dodd, Prof Jim Smith
Quantifying the Benefit of Collaboration across an Information Network James Moffat