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Dr Lorraine Dodd

Paper Title Authors Full Text
High Level Cellular Automata Model: functional description Dr Lorraine Dodd
Fast simulations of conflict with embedded Command and Control: An application of the use of Cellular Automata S Richardson, Dr Lorraine Dodd
An Analogy between the Human Brain and the Military Command Information System Dr Lorraine Dodd
Complex adaptive and 'inquiring' systems approaches for contemporary military operations A Alston, Dr Lorraine Dodd
The purposes of operations planning: an analytical framework Paddy Turner, Dr Lorraine Dodd, Geoff Markham
Overseeing relations between analyst, practitioner and policy-maker: a meta-view of planning and designing for agility in a complex world Dr Lorraine Dodd, Geoff Markham, Paddy Turner
Defining New Landscapes for Control and Influence to Determine the Value of Information Dr Lorraine Dodd, James Moffat, S Richardson
Bayesian Decision Making and Military Command and Control James Moffat, S Witty, Dr Lorraine Dodd
Mathematical methods for C4ISR assessment B D Bramson, Dr Lorraine Dodd, T R Field, Dr D J Marsay
Representing the Human Decision-making Process in Simulation Models of Combat James Moffat, Dr Lorraine Dodd
Fast Simulations of Conflict with Embedded Command and Control: an Application of the Use of Cellular Automata S Richardson, Dr Lorraine Dodd
Discontinuity in decision-making when objectives conflict: a military command decision case study James Moffat, Graham Mathieson, Dr Lorraine Dodd, Prof Jim Smith