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Graham Mathieson

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Military Judgement in C3I Studies - Is it Judge and Jury? Graham Mathieson
A Strategy for Modelling the Human Commander Graham Mathieson, Dr D L Dolman
What Influences a Decision? D Daniel, John Holt, Graham Mathieson
The Impact of Information on Command - Hard Evidence Ruth McCarthy, Graham Mathieson, Lt Cdr Richard Osborn, Mike Rugg-Gunn, Peter Payne
Analysis to Support Change and Continuity in Future Command and Control David Shirley, Graham Mathieson, John Holt
Rigorous Subjectivity - How will OA survive the "soft" revolution Graham Mathieson
Making the most of scenarios through study-specific characterisation Graham Mathieson, Will Greenham, Maj Gordon Miller
Military Judgement in C3I Studies - is it Judge and Jury? Graham Mathieson
Estimating the Effect of Logistics on Naval Platform Effectiveness - A New Approach to Simulation Graham Mathieson
Coping with Social and Cultural Variables in C2 modelling for Networked Enabled Forces Graham Mathieson, Beejal Mistry, M Waters
Discontinuity in decision-making when objectives conflict: a military command decision case study James Moffat, Graham Mathieson, Dr Lorraine Dodd, Prof Jim Smith
How much is enough? Requisite modelling for socio-technical problems Graham Mathieson, Kathryn Hynd
Socio-Technical Systems - Practical OR in the face of the human variable Graham Mathieson