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23rd Symposium - 2006

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Exploratory Analysis of the Supply Concept for the Standing Contingency Task Force (SCTF) Maj B Chapman
Bridging the land-sea interface C Porrett
Munitions Supply Chain Modelling: A Top-Down Approach Louise Carver, Crispin Allard
The Contribution of OR in the UK Equipment Capability Audit C Irwin
Analysis of System Contribution to Effects Based Approach Dr Craig Smith
A Waste of 37 Years? G Hawkins
Logistics: Presentations and Syndicate Exercises G Hawkins
The Influence of Paradigm Shifts on the Practice, and the Perceptions, of OR J Dockery
Military Impact of Canadian Operational Research and Analysis J R Evans, R G Dickinson, M Rey
Impact on the Large and Complex Bureaucracy of the EU J Foghelin
What value analysis? The Historical Record of Fratricide Julie Gadsden
Improving Behaviours in Defence Acquisition James Moffat, T Gardener
Just in time - just too late: How can OA decide?
OR: Making an Impact in a Systems Engineering Environment Jenny Young
The Impact of OR - Political Cards Michael J Young
Assessing the parts that combat modelling or trials cannot reach R Atkinson
Success and Failure of OR in a Complex Bureaucratic Environment Dr Roger Forder
Predicting the Future Demand for Army Accommodation R Morton
Estimating Casualty Numbers Dr R Underwood
A Theoretical Approach to Continuous Improvement for NATO Collective Training S Dean
Modelling and Analysis gives Confidence in Fleet Management S Harrison
Systems Approach to Training Improvement
How can we show the value of investments in Logistics? (Team 3 - M to Y)
Estimation of Logistic Consumption for the Norwegian Armed Forces T Nilsen
Digital Diagnosis and Repair (POSTER) D Cooley, J Richards
Tracing Causality (POSTER) I M Mitchell
Casualty Flow Through the Deployed Medical Evacuation Chain (POSTER) M Williams
A Typical Military Deployment Analysis (POSTER) P Doling
The Effect of Logistics on High Level Land Campaign modelling (POSTER) Dr Simon Collander-Brown, S Clair