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27th Symposium - 2010

Paper Title Authors Full Text
REZOLVE A decision support tool to determine an effective strategic plan for the management and resolution of conflict Austin
Hard and Soft Considerations in Procurement Planning in the IDF Avital
Aggregating T&E Data for CCoD Trust in Operational Implementation Suzanne Beers
The Theoretical and Pragmatic Basis for Australian Army Modernisation Research Mr Dean Bowley, Dr Coen van Antwerpen
Military Decision Making Using Schools of Thought Analysis - A Soft Operational Research Technique, with Numbers Fred Cameron, Geoff Pond
Is Soft OR Sufficient to Inform Helicopter Operations in the Australian Defence Force Arvind Chandran
Representing Influence Activities through System Dynamics Lawrence Dack
Multi-Layered Assessment: Lessons from Measuring Progress in Afghanistan Dr Peter Dobias, Dr P Eles, Dr Kevin Sprague, Maj J Leahy
Measuring Operational Effects in Afghanistan Dr Sam Duff
The decision will be made anyway - How can analysis help? Keith Goodman
How to use 'soft' OA methods to explore future IED threat and their countermeasures Heesmans
How to prioritise spending in the Non Equipment Investment Plan? Chris Johnson, George Pickburn, Ronnie Leung
US Africa Command Security/Defense Sector Reform Operational Model Joshua M Lenzini
The Utility of Criminality Analysis techniques in frontline OA Sam Mitchell
Utilisation of Soft Operational Research Methods within Capability Based Planning Emile F Pelletier
All OR is 'soft' OR! George Pickburn, Anneliese Handley
Personnel Cost Modelling Technique Steve Pretty
Meeting the challenges posed by the current defence environment Judith Rawle, John Mountain
A Comprehensive Parametric Approach to Gaming the Application of National Power Scott Simpkins
D Scrutiny OA Guidance Project Stone
Learning from Experience (LFE) - MCA, SWIFT & HAZOP Chris Tilney
SAS-087 TG-034 on Code of Best Practice for Judgement-based OA Diederik Wijnmalen
Cognitive Maps to Aid Structure an Effect Based Operation Plan Marcelo Zawadzki, Monica Maria De Marchi
Matrix Game Methodology Development and Employment for Vancouver 2010 Olympics Marine Security Planning Antony Zegers