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Fred Cameron

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Seminar War Games for the Analysis of a Wicked, Dangerous, and Uncertain World Col Jeff Appleget, Fred Cameron
Military Decision Making Using Schools of Thought Analysis - A Soft Operational Research Technique, with Numbers Fred Cameron, Geoff Pond
Campaign Design for Land Operations - Dealing with Complex Environments and Wicked Problems Fred Cameron
Nearly a Century - Lessons from the Practice of Military Operational Research over 90 years Fred Cameron
Much ADO About Everything - Adaptive Dispersed Operations Fred Cameron
Best Practices for Irregular Warfare (IW) Data Quality Control Col Jeff Appleget, Fred Cameron
Five Years of Development of New Sources of Information for a Canadian Brigade Fred Cameron, Roger Roy
Contrary Schools of Thought within Military Decision-making Groups Fred Cameron
Babes in the Woods: How Naive Analysts Clashed with Trained Killers to the Mutual Benefit of All Fred Cameron
Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, and Operational Research in Urban Operations Fred Cameron