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29th Symposium - 2012

Paper Title Authors Full Text
29 ISMOR Programme
28 August 2012 - Keynote Address Maj Gen Paul Jaques
30 August 2012 - Keynote Address Simon Jewell
30 August 2012 - Ronnie Shephard Memorial Address Maj Gen (Rtd) Mungo Melvin
Using the Peace Support Operations Model (PSOM) for UN Peacekeeping Operations Training and Education Col Jeff Appleget
Allied Information Sharing Support to ISAF and Support to Afghanistan Transition Metrics Mr Jim Bexfield, Dr Cyrus J Staniec
Getting Affordable Solutions: How much to spend and when to spend it Mr Craig Clark
Practical Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness Modeling Dr John J Donohue, Dr Andrew P Billyard
Public Private Business Models for Defence Acquisition Mr Thomas Ekström
Transparency in MOD procurement Mr Peter Goodwin, Mr Michael Bagg
Assessing the Risk to Deployed Personnel on Military Operations: a Discussion of Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches Mr Ian Graves, Prof Neville J Curtis
Yanbian Rising: China's Strategic Design for NE Asia Charles F Hawkins
'OILing' the wheels of S&T? How S&T use Observations, Insights and Lessons (OILs) to enhance Land Capability Mr Alan Hotchkiss
Three Defence Reviews in Two Years: Lessons in the use of analysis to inform strategic decisions Mr Andy Caldwell, Mr Rob Solly
A workshop introduction to the NATO Code of Best Practice for Judgement-based OA Philip Jones, Stephanie Lord, Prof Neville J Curtis, Diederik Wijnmalen
Syndicate Session on Non-Lethal Weapons Concept Development & Experimentation John Nelson
Murphy's Law is Alive and Well: Clausewitzian Friction on the Modern Battlefield Eugene P Visco
NATO Guide for Judgement-based Operational Analysis in Defence Decision-making
Best Practices for Irregular Warfare (IW) Data Quality Control Col Jeff Appleget, Fred Cameron
Enterprise Mapping & Decision Support - Helping MoD Manage its Combat Air Capability Mr Ed Aubrey
The Role of OA in Defence Research Concept Development Tom Baldwin
Improving Future Systems and Capabilities through Analysis and (Warfighting) Experimentation Chris Jordan
Preventing Premature Conclusions: Analysis of Human-In-the-Loop Air Combat Simulations Matthew MacLeod
Standardised Tactical Vignettes to enhance International Defence Studies I Jessica Murray, Prof Neville J Curtis, Brandon M Pincombe
Approaches for Vignette Based Analysis in a Changing World Jenny Young, Alistair Morley
Modelling and analysis of Defence Lines of Developments using causal maps Prof Dobrila Petrovic, Pawel Zdanowicz, C Irwin
Applications of Risk Analysis to the Canadian Forces' Domestic Operations Y Gauthier
Niteworks' contribution to Decision Support Use of collaborative constructs Phil Taylor
Multi-organisational collaboration in operations assessment and evaluation: Prospects, challenges, and implications for practice Andy Williams