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7th Symposium - 1990

Paper Title Authors Full Text
UK Resupply from Industry in Crisis and War E W Anderson
The Incorporation of Logistics Constraints within Combat Effectiveness Studies R Atkinson, T D Clayton
Post Attack Airbase Modelling B J Bailey
Training Battle Management at Operational Level: Airbase Operations Wargame Ilse Boots, Peter Schulein
Effectiveness of Resupply Vehicle Fleets for a Battalion Task Force in a European Scenario Dennis W Brewer
Mobilization Aspects of Warfare John R Brinkerhoff
The Effects of Logistics on the decision to go to full scale development for the Light Helicopter (LH) program Mr Alan R Cunningham
Logistics Impacts of Alternative Approaches to Armored System Modernization using a Corps Level Combat Model Patricia W Doherty
CASMO - A Simulation of Combat Vehicle Supply and Maintenance for a Division in Combat Dr Henry C Dubin, Dr Gary H Feuerberg
Knowledge-based Tactical Logistics Planning Carolyn Dunmire, Richard Camden
The Logistic Implications of Combat Body Armour R J Edwards, L Tobin
The Impact of Logistics on Military Operations: Soviet Historical Experience D M Evans
A Resource Management Training Example: CRATERMAN Mr Albert H Gates, James W O'Neil
Logistics-Over-The-Shore Research and Sustainment Engineering by USACE to Enhance Combat Service Support Dr Lyndell Hales, Maj James N Marino
Helicopter Operational Battlefield Environment Simulation (HOBES) C G Gray
Convoy Operations System Analysis Model (COSAM) David A Horner
Life Cycle Costing under Uncertainty L F Kerzner
Estimating the Effect of Logistics on Naval Platform Effectiveness - A New Approach to Simulation Graham Mathieson
Logistic Demand and the Phase of War: A Dynamic Relationship I M Mitchell
The Benefits of Applying Object-Oriented Programming Techniques to Logistics Modelling C H Pritchard, C Carrigan
Mission Oriented Optimal Spares Allocation Dale F Reding
The Influence of Sea-Power on Combat Logistics and Support: A System Dynamics Approach Joseph F Ryan
Amateurs Discuss Tactics: Professionals Study Logistics David Schrady
The Relevance and Application of Actual Battle Damage and Repair Data to Combat Logistics and Support John M Vice, Donald W Voyls
Artillery Ammunition Resupply Kevin Wagstaff
Some Ideas Concerning Maintenance Personnel J G Wiegand
The Use of a Manual Wargame for the Development of a Logistics Command Trainer Michael J Young, Michael Kelly
Canadian Forces Air Transport Group: Commitments and Capabilities Michael Vigeault, I Taylor
Analysis of some Force Deployment Issues in a post-CFE Environment G Miller, S Bonder
Resupply from Industry in Crisis and War D Waddell, K Anderson
OR Studies on Third Line Logistic Support to Canadian Forces Europe P Vincent
Paper from Ministry of Defence, Support Policy OR3a D Jensen
Cold: An Operational Hazard S B Lewis
The Influence of Body Armour on Combat Effectiveness L Tobin, R J Edwards