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9th Symposium - 1992

Paper Title Authors Full Text
The Relationship Between Battle Intensity and Disease Rates among Marine Corps Combat and Support Units Christopher G Blood
Automated Movement Planning Capt Larry Campbell, David A Horner, Burhman Gates
Operational Research in the Field Russell C Coile
A Geopolitical Database for Policy Planning and Operations in a New World Order N Gass, N A Kellett
Identifying Wartime Manpower Requirements through the Use of Computer Simulation Mr Albert H Gates
Wargames for the Nineties: a Review of the Developments over the past Three Years at DRA Fort Halstead Dr I P Gibson
Simulating the Battle of 73 Easting Stan Gray
Maritime Casualty War Gaming John R Haydon
SimoF - A Rapid Wargaming System on the Operational Level Ernst-Uwe Kiwull, Andreas Kretzer
A New Set of Tools for Netherlands Defence Research M H A Klaver
Scenarios - Foundation for Combat Developments W J Krondak
Analysis in Support of the AirLand Operations Concept and Forces Phillip A Kubler
A Deterministic Wargaming Method used to Investigate the Effects of Force Multiplying Weapons N J Lambert, Maj J D J A Turner, R R Hunt
Myths, Assumptions and OR Military Requirements in Times of Uncertainty Paul Mallorie
Influence of Digital Terrain Resolution on Automated Route Selection G B McKinley, David A Horner
The Relevance of Quick Response Tools to Air Defence in Out-Of-Area Operations Rick Meessen
A Decision Oriented Approach to Design and Development Morton L Metersky
Developing Maritime Scenarios John Mountain
Global Force Capability Requirements for US Defense Planning George Miller, Dr W Peter Cherry, David Thompson
Modeling Complex Wartime Medical Systems Dr Kim L Ong
Operations Research and Improved Estimation of Medical Support Requirements William M Pugh
Modelling the Canadian Total Force Dr Kevin Y K Ng
Redefining the 'Beancount' - Positioning Detailed Analyses via Static Methods Mr A Robinson
Computer Support for Casualty Estimation in Desert Storm: Lessons Learned and a Look to the Future Curtis L Schuhmacher
Threat Related Attrition (THREAT) System: Estimating Wartime Disease and Non-Battle Injuries in the USAF Maj Dan Sharon
The Copernicus Architecture - C3 Architecture for the US Navy and Joint Operations: Implications for Operations Research in NATO C3 Planning P Purdue, Prof Michael G Sovereign
Retrospective, Current and Prospective Force Planning Eugene P Visco
Brainstorm and Insight Gaming of High Technologies (BRIGHT) Kevin Wagstaff
RAF Strike Command Wargaming in Support of Training and Planning R C Wheeler
Is There Still a Need for Manual Simulations? Michael J Young
The Next War in Europe P G Pugh
An Outline of the FASST Concept and the Road to FASSTEX 1/92 Hugh D Richardson
FASSTEX 1/92: Conduct and Lessons Learned S W J Atchison
The Future Provision of Rapid OA Support in Peacetime and Scientific Support to the British Army in the Field R Goodman, M Evans
US Army Desert Storm Battle Damage Assessment Operations and Analyses R Koffinke Jr
The Use of Soft OA Techniques at DOAC Alan Brignell
Force Structure and Deployment Analysis of Reaction Forces Robert Hagen
Weapon System Affordability in the Nineties Dr H C Puscheck
Operational Research Tools for Contingency Planning Michael Vigeault, I Taylor
Airlift and Sealift Tradeoffs during and after Desert Storm Lt Col M E Heberling
Naval Battle Group Tactical Re-Arming David Schrady
Sensitivity Analysis of Crew Performance in JANUS (A) Capt S A Kowalkoski
A Model to Analyze Future Conflict Trends D N Gass