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David F Davis

Paper Title Authors Full Text
A Development Process OOTW / OMO Analytic Toolkit David F Davis
The Use of Bayesian Networks for Non-Combat Operations Force Structuring David F Davis
The Policy Implications of Command and Control in Multi-National Peace Support Operations David F Davis
Value Focused Metrics David F Davis
OR Support for Planning in the US Africa Command - Latest Developments David F Davis, Bret Wilson
Value Focused Metrics David F Davis, A D Caldwell
The Peace Operations Game: Process and Analysis David F Davis, E Smith
Analytic Decision Support in a Civilian Organization: OPP&A in the CPA David F Davis
Uncertain Reasoning Techniques applied to the Peacekeeping Tactical Mission David F Davis
Command and Control of Multinational-dissimilar Forces in UN Peacekeeping Operations David F Davis, Mr D M Last