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In memoriam: Collected papers of Graham Mathieson

Graham Mathieson was a Fellow of the UK MOD's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory; he died suddenly in 2006 at the age of 48. Graham made a significant contribution to international research in Command and Control and in Complex Adaptive Systems. Graham had an incisive intellect and often challenged the status quo; he was both tenacious and rigorous in his scientific endeavours. Graham was a regular contributor at ISMOR, both as a presenter and as a vocal questioner from the audience. His impact on the international research and its community is greatly missed. This collection of Graham's papers is being made available to the international research community so that his considerable contributions can continue to be referenced and developed by others.

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Full spectrum analysis: Practical OR in the face of the human variable
Bristol paper: Full Spectrum Analysis: Practical Operational Research in the Face of the Human Variable
Developing a Requisite Analytic Trade-Space for Assessing Agile Mission Grouping - Problem Definition for the Development of the DARNSTORMS Model
A Conceptual Model of Organisational and Social Factors in HQ
Analysis to Support Change and Continuity in Future Command and Control
Socio-Technical Systems - Practical OR in the face of the human variable
From simple prescriptive to complex descriptive models: an example from a recent command decision experiment
Making the most of scenarios through study-specific characterisation
What Influences a Decision?
Complexity and managing to survive it - 'Playing with CARS'