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10th Symposium - 1993

Paper Title Authors Full Text
The Use of Scenarios in Operational Analysis and Threat Prediction - a More Generic Approach Mark Evans
The Application of Influence Diagrams to the Study of Police Force and Low Intensity Operations Hugh D Richardson, J M Coyle
The Application of Role Analysis Modelling to Future Operations Alan Brignell, B R Barry
The Potential Use of the UK High-Level Wargaming Facility in Determining UK Peacekeeping Force Allocations G J Burrows, M Dumble
The Prediction of the Costs of Mounting and Sustaining Limited Operations Overseas C E Johnson
A Re-creation of Operation 'Desert Sabre' using the CARCO System Dynamics model Hugh D Richardson, J M Coyle
Operational Maneuver from the Sea War Game - Final Report A Jareb
The Palletized Load System (PLS): An Analysis of PLS Cost Effective Uses Mr Alan R Cunningham
The OR Concept for the German Army Col Hans-G Konert
Rapid OR Assistance for the German MOD Army Staff Robert Hagen, Kurt Grau
Dismounted Infantry in Open Terrain - the Model FLINK Michael Bittner
Presentation of the OR Instrument: Infantry in Urban Areas Martin Deister
USACE R&D to Enhance an Army LOTS Operation Dr Lyndell Hales
Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief in Future International Security Operations Russell C Coile
The Battle for Hue: Casualty and Disease Rates During Urban Warfare Christopher G Blood, Marlisa E Anderson
Rapid Deployment Out of Area - Methods Used to Identify NBC Equipment Requirements N J Lambert, Maj J D J A Turner, R R Hunt
Training Senior Canadian Defence Officials for Contigency Operations P J Sutherland
Problems of Tri-Service and Multi-National Collaboration Mick Ryan
Force and Operational Capability Investigation (FOCI) Hugh D Richardson, R A Kendall
Friendly Fire R C Goodman, Eugene P Visco, J J Harding, Hugh D Richardson
MACE - a Method for Measuring the Operational Effectiveness of Military Communications Systems Peter D Staton
Future International Security Operations: Framework and Implication for Analysis Dr W Peter Cherry
Simulation Modelling of Combat Casualty Care and Evacuation Systems Mr E Lindamood
Air Defence Artillery for Security Operations in a New World Order Greg H Parlier
Uncertain Reasoning Techniques applied to the Peacekeeping Tactical Mission David F Davis
Command and Control of Multinational-dissimilar Forces in UN Peacekeeping Operations David F Davis, Mr D M Last
An Appropriate Model for Rapid Analysis of C3I Topics Mr M Cole