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13th Symposium - 1996

Paper Title Authors Full Text
OR Support to Air Force Structure Planning P R Anderson
Databases of Operations Other Than War - Why and What? Ed Barnes, Ruth Hayes
Scenario Selection and Coping with Risk in Weapons Mix Assessments Dr Alfred G Brandstein
The US Approach to Modeling and Simulation Priscilla A Glasow
Predicting Success in Land Warfare at Operational Level R C Goodman, Michael J Young
Army Science Board Tank Study - Simulation Effort Stan Gray
The Rise of Professionalism in America's Reserve Component and its Implications for the Current Era Charles F Hawkins
Making the most of scenarios through study-specific characterisation Graham Mathieson, Will Greenham, Maj Gordon Miller
Shaping Things to Come: Combat Scenarios for Planning I M Mitchell
An Analysis of the Impact of Information and Decision on the Success of Littoral Operations Dr Walter L Perry
OR Model Architecture for Supporting Army Operational Planning and Analysis Dr Otto Reidelhuber, Robert Hagen
Operations Research within the German Army Lt Col P Schutz
US Department of Defense Modeling and Simulation Priscilla A Glasow
Optimization of the Evaluation of Engineer Support Maj J J Granjean
Future Tank Technology S Solis, Stan Gray, Capt A Crowder
The Use of History in Support of Analysis at the US Army Concepts Analysis Agency E B Vandiver III
Ardennes Campaign Simulation (ARCAS) Walter J Bauman
Computer Generated Forces Assessment J Brooks, M Dymond
Using Hierarchical Scenarios for Analysis W J Krondak
A System Description of Digitisation of the Battle Space J M Coyle
Army Air Defence in an Army Crisis Reaction Operation D Muller
Operational Effectiveness Assessment in Support of the Joint Command Systems Initiative P Marland, J Montgomery
Modelling in Support of Future Human Resource Requirements P Bender
A Methodology or Prioritizing the Armed Forces Projects by Objective Criteria Col A T Aral
Analysis of Complex Alternatives in Force Planning and Investment Dr Cyrus J Staniec
Systems Analysis Applied to the Structuring of Forces W Wende
Modeling Aspects in OOTW A Gonen, Brig Gen (Res) U B Itzhak
The Individual Combatant: Key to Planning for the Future G Matroianni
Analysing Peace Support Operations in the Context of Defence Structuring O P Munkvold
Balance of Investment Modelling P A Bryant
Common Methodology for Scenario Definition and Identification of Force Requirements to Support NATO Defence Planning C Wright
The BOI-MNC Defence Requirements Review M R Bain
The Use of Bayesian Networks for Non-Combat Operations Force Structuring David F Davis
The Joint Staff Operational Research Team: Providing OR Support to Canadian Forces Joint Operations and Planning G W Frank
Operational Analysis in the Front Line: Bosnia-Hercegovina 1996 G Rose