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22nd Symposium - 2005

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Babes in the Woods: How Naive Analysts Clashed with Trained Killers to the Mutual Benefit of All Fred Cameron
Examining Soldier Performance throughout a Full DCC Infantry Battlefield Mission: Development of the ABEL Model in Support of the Future Infantry Soldier Technology (FIST) Programme P Page, R Atkinson, M E Caunt
Sense and Respond Logistics David Schrady
A new technique to address CID and IFF studies David Dean, Kathryn Hynd, Beejal Mistry, Alasdair Vincent, Dr Paul R Syms
Using Hierarchical Modeling to Assist Effects Based Planning and Assessment Lt Col D Denhard, Maj R Umstead
Directed Energy Technologies: Tools to Enable Effects-Based Operations Dr Henry C Dubin
Effects-Based Operations: The "how to" Dr E A Smith Jr
OA for Effects-Based Operations in the Maritime Domain: Maritime Warfare Centre, UK Dr M Fowler, M Dobson
Effects-Based Operations within the UK Joint Force Air Component Headquarters (UKJFAHQ) G M Wrigley, G Onslow
Coping with Social and Cultural Variables in C2 modelling for Networked Enabled Forces Graham Mathieson, Beejal Mistry, M Waters
Effects-Based Logistics Operations: A Strategic Supply Chain Approach for the US Army Greg H Parlier
Military Decision-Making Process and Effect-Based Operations Concepts: A Comparative Study, Lessons Learned and Implications Dr A Guitouni, Dr K Wheaton
Measures in Social Networks: Description versus Prescription Maj J T Hamill, Dr R F Deckro
RNA, NCW, EBO, Transformation... "One damned thing after another. What is next?" J Foghelin
Development of UK EBO Analysis: The Big Picture Philip Jones
The Effects-Based Approach and Effects-Based Operations Lt Col J Potts
Factors Influencing the Selection of Method(s) K Mossberg Sonnek, J Foghelin
Foundations for Measuring Effectiveness Maj R Bullock, Dr R F Deckro
Shaping the future Armed Forces G Kindvall
Effects-Driven, Capabilities-Based, Planning for Operations Maj K Jeffrey, R Herslow
A Tradesman's View of EBC/EBO J Kolding
Nonlocality, Nonlinearity and Complexity: On the Mathematics of Modelling NCW and EBO M Ling
Simulation of Modern Warfare Approaches in the JOCASTS War-Gaming System Dr Stephen G Lucek
An Optimization Method for Assessing Options for US Air Force Overseas Combat Support Basing R G McGarvey, M A Amouzegar, R S Tripp, K L Luangkesorn, T Lang, C R Roll
Campaign Assessment: Measuring Progress in Air Operations P Stoddart
Campaign Assessment: Measuring Progress in Air Operations (Transcript) P Stoddart
"Oh what a tangled web": EBO in Theory and Practice R Grossman-Vermaas
Attack of Trust R C Goodman
Social Network Analysis as a Tool for Manipulating and Analysing Scattered Data Dr R Williams
Effects-Based Analysis of Adversary Systems S L Pollicott, D P Ball, Neil Ferguson
Scuds on Tel-Aviv: Strategic Effects & Quantitative Measures - The Israeli Experience in the First Gulf War M Sharvit
Whole Fleet Management: Creating the Business Case - Deciding which models/methods to use K Sparks
ISMOR 22 Effects-Based Operations: Presentations and Syndicate Exercises G Hawkins
ISMOR 22 Effects-Based Operations: Syndicate Exercises (Notes and Key Issues) G Hawkins
ISMOR 22 Plenary Discussion