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16th Symposium - 1999

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Weapons of Mass Destruction vs Weapons of Opportunity Cdr W K Alexander, Dr G B Briggs, Capt K R Still
Measuring the reliability of MoD equipment Crispin Allard
Optimizing Strategic Airlift Steven F Baker, David P Morton, Richard E Rosenthal, Laura Melody Williams
Optimising the Structure of Engineer Forces for a Peacekeeping Mission K A Bertsche
Programming and Production in Theater General Support Maintenance Facilities Barbara Bormolini, Richard Woodworth, Andreas Andel, Gerald Martin, Robert McConnell
Mathematical methods for C4ISR assessment B D Bramson, Dr Lorraine Dodd, T R Field, Dr D J Marsay
OOTW: A Conflict Analysis Tool Dr Robert Bristow, Stephen Hodgson
Mobility Requirements Study - 2005 Col R D Clemence, A Gangsaas
Strategic Lift Analysis for the Canadian Forces Paul Comeau, Maj Mark MacDonald
The Validation of Commercial System Dynamics Models Dave Exelby, Jonathan Coyle, Geoff Coyle
A Cognitive Systems Engineering Application of the Vulnerability/Lethality Analysis Methodology to Simulation Credibility Assessment Priscilla A Glasow
Operational Analysis in the Frontline - A Progressive Environment Suzanne Griffin
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Measures to Reduce Vulnerabilities in the Public Telecommunication System Janne Merete Hagen, Havard Fridheim
Generative Analysis: Automated Concept Exploration using Multi-agent Simulations Joe V Holland, Randy E Michelsen, Dennis R Powell, Stephen C Upton, David R Thompson
The Rifle and The Respirator I M Mitchell
Representing the Command and Control Process in Simulation Models of Conflict James Moffat
CF/DND Maritime Helicopter (MH) Program - A Case Study J G Moscrip
The Principal Method of The Swedish Attack Helicopter Study 1996-1998 Erik Nordstrand
"Personnel Forecasting Strategic Workforce Planning" - a Proposed Simulation Cost Modeling Methodology Stephen R Parker, John A Marriott
Manning the Army of the Future Greg H Parlier
The War of the Future: Reflections on ISMOR 16 Gwyn Prins
Cryptography and the Battle of the Atlantic P G Pugh
Combatant Logistics Command and Control David Schrady
Analysis to Support Change and Continuity in Future Command and Control David Shirley, Graham Mathieson, John Holt
Data for MRS-05: Nature of the Challenge Elaine Simmons
Effective Teamworking in Partnering Environments Dr Craig Smith
The Assessment of Future Infantry Systems: Individual and Section Level Performance Assessment Approaches Jeremy Smith
UK/US TRACER / FSCS Combined Analysis Dr Paul R Syms, J A Hunt, W J Krondak
Operations Other Than War in the Analysis of Defence Capability Dr R Underwood
System Effectiveness Analysis Simulation (SEAS) Overview Melissa Wright