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18th Symposium - 2001

Paper Title Authors Full Text
The Character of Future Conflicts - Partial Report 1 Elisabeth Andre Turlind, Folke Andersson, Emil Gornerup, Eric Sjoberg, Ake Wiss
Maximizing the Air Contributions in a Campaign within Budgets D Barker
The Strategy to Task Technique and Example Applications M R Bathe, Jeremy Smith
Measuring Capability G C Beare, Ben Taylor
Anti Submarine Warfare Planning - Phase II K A Bertsche, G Guffarth, L Karg
Project Albert - The Early Years Dr Alfred G Brandstein, Dr Gary E Horne
Estimating the Degree of Participation in Coalition R Cockram
AI for OOTW: Representing Plausible Behaviour in OOTW Simulators S Curram, M Cusack, M Gliniecki
Discounting Effectiveness in Cost-Effectiveness Studies D Daniel, D Faddy, P G Pugh
The Allocation of Tanker Aircraft to meet a Stated Requirement A Ewen Ellen
Cost Scheduling Tool for Procurement Programmes M Gliniecki
Experimenting Smarter not Harder - Taguchi Methods S Greenwood, M Jones
Is Multinationality cheaper? - A Study of NATO Logistics in the Balkan theatres Suzanne Griffin
Participation in UN Peacekeeping Operations A D Hossack
United Kingdom & United States TRACER / FSCS Combined Analysis W J Krondak, Dr Paul R Syms, J A Hunt
Forecasting Aircraft Replacement Pete Kusek
The Impact of Information on Command - Hard Evidence Ruth McCarthy, Graham Mathieson, Lt Cdr Richard Osborn, Mike Rugg-Gunn, Peter Payne
Rendering Account - The Holistic Evaluation of Operational Capability I M Mitchell
Bayesian Decision Making and Military Command and Control James Moffat, S Witty, Dr Lorraine Dodd
Capability Analysis: An Industrial Perspective Dr Craig Smith
A Structured Approach to Developing System Solutions to Military Requirements Kevin Smith
Scenarios in Operational Analysis and Long-Term Planning: a Necessary Tool or a Creativity Constraining Straitjacket? R Solstrand
Using Meta-Heuristics to Explore the Many Would-be Worlds of Combat Simulations Stephen C Upton
Distilling Warfare: Chancellorsville, a Case Study E S S Vary
The Utility of ARM Weapons R J Volluz, R M Volluz
Sources of Complexity in Air Combat J Walton
New Conflicts: New Methods Michael J Young
Tools for Developing CONOPS and Tactics Jenny Young
Analysis of Small Scale Contingencies A Gangsaas
Operational Analysis in KFOR 5 J Otterlei