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20th Symposium - 2003

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Measures of Effectiveness for the US Army Future Combat System (FCS) - Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) Col Jeff Appleget
Collection of Command and Control Exercise Data M Ashforth
The Data Quality Score Pete Bailey
Measuring the effectiveness of Small Units in Crisis Response Operations B Barbier, E van Son-de Waard
Measuring the effectiveness of Small Units in Crisis Response Operations (Additional Slides) B Barbier, E van Son-de Waard
Coercive Operations and their Influence on the Equipment Programme B Bolland, M Purvis
Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, and Operational Research in Urban Operations Fred Cameron
Challenges in Automating the Provisioning of Parametric Initialization Data to Simulation Applications Maj M Chesney
OA Support to Stabilisation Operations in Iraq J Cornforth
Operational Analysis Support to RAF during Operation TELIC A Cowdale
Discounting Effectiveness - a Demonstration D Daniel, D Faddy
MINERVA - Director Land Warfare's Wargame A Durrant
A New Approach to Measuring Situation Awareness: Theory, Technique, and the SABRE Tool G K Edgar, H E Edgar, M B Curry
The Effect of Picture Quality on Individual Situational Awareness and Mission Effectiveness S Feltham, C Sheppard, C Cooper Chapman
Data management practices: UK Perspectives on a MORS Workshop M Taylor, T Hooper, G Sherwood
Assigning Weights to Scenarios using Multi-Criteria Analysis: the Case of Norwegian Defence Planning I Johansen
Fitting Lanchester Models to the Battles of Kursk (and Ardennes) Tom Lucas, Turker Turkes, Ramazon Gozel, John Dinges
Socio-Technical Systems - Practical OR in the face of the human variable Graham Mathieson
Quantifying the Benefit of Collaboration across an Information Network James Moffat
Equipment Capability Measurement - an Integrated Approach John Moore, R Laker, J Roe
Operational Analysis for HQ 1(UK)Armd Div on Op TELIC J G Owen, J Cornforth
Laying the Foundations G Richards
OA Data Management - An Overview of the Current Status of Data Management in Dstl Alan Robinson, M Taylor, T Hooper
Logistics Analysis of the Littoral Combat Ship D Rudko, David Schrady
PAX: Agent-Based Modeling of Peace Support Operations G Schwarz
The Yin / Yang Approach to Measures of Merit: Where does science end and art begin? A Siegel
The Character of Future Conflicts - Factors which Shape Power and Mass Movements Eric Sjoberg, Folke Andersson, Elisabeth Andre Turlind, Ake Wiss
A Retrospective of 20 Years of ISMOR Jeremy Smith, M R Bathe
Improving Defense Analysis through Better Data Practices: a Synthesis Perspective Dr S Starr
The Anatomy of Combat R J Volluz, R M Volluz
SIMBRIG - Simple Brigade Model: Meeting the need for fast operational analysis support at the formation level D Wrigley, Ben Taylor
Syndicate Exercises: Data Dr Roger Forder
Syndicate Exercise: What is the minimum level of data review that analysts should conduct before a study?
Syndicate Exercises: Notes and Key Issues