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24th Symposium - 2007

Paper Title Authors Full Text
An influence and media model to support EBO planning P Allen
Much ADO About Everything - Adaptive Dispersed Operations Fred Cameron
Assessment of communication systems - methodological issues C Carling
Causality and the benefits of relocation Jonathan Coyle
Human Factors in the DIAMOND model S Croom-Johnson
Unit Combat Power (and Beyond) R Cunningham, W J Krondak
Military Operations involving Crowds: Agent-Based Modeling using MANA and Non-attrition-based Assessment of Results Dr Peter Dobias
Analytical support to European defence developments - the Swedish experience T Eriksson
Investment in the (Military) OA-Capital J Foghelin
Conceptual Model for Crowd Behaviour A Frini
Operational Analysis in Support of Counterinsurgency Operations Dr Walter L Perry, J Gordon
Studying the effects of Command and Control M Hammervick, J Lindoff, M Castor, L Tyden
Improving the representation of human and system behaviour in OA models A Caldeira-Hankey
Thinking like a Dragon: Chinese Uses of Military Models and Simulations Chuck Hawkins
Cultural Awareness for UK Defence John Holt
Mine Counter Measures: The Human-Autonomous System Balance M Hughes
Resolution of Ambiguity through HUMINT - an M&S Methodology L Leath
Distribution of roles and authority in a network centric environment J Lindoff
Modelling Human Decision-Making in Simulation Models of Conflict James Moffat
Does Removing the Human from the Battlespace Increase Military Effectiveness? John Mountain
Integrating Warfighting Experimentation with Dynamic Modelling - A Practical Approach Martin Parr
Lessons from CT Operations in NI Judith Rawle, Hugh D Richardson
Operational Analysis Support to the Development of the UK's Future C2 Concept Alan Robinson
Historical Analysis and the Value of Military Experience D Tilley
A Deployed Analyst in the Vietnam War E B Vandiver III
More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About MACOV Eugene P Visco
Enhancing the Human Dimension of Synthetic Human Entities P West
From Storming to Performing: Combining Human Decision-making and Teamworking Factors in Military OA Modelling (POSTER) Beejal Mistry, H Crow
NITEworks - Maritime ISTAR Theme (POSTER) H Greenough