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26th Symposium - 2009

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Redefining the "M" in MOR - 21st Century OR Challenges for Militaries David S Alberts
USMC ENHANCED COMPANY OPERATIONS (ECO) Analytical Support to the Emerging Concept of Operations Michael P Bailey
Exploiting Modelling to Improve Decision-making Laura Bryan
Campaign Design for Land Operations - Dealing with Complex Environments and Wicked Problems Fred Cameron
Reducing fossil fuel demand in theatre - Using simple models to assess options Noel Corrigan
Value Focused Metrics David F Davis, A D Caldwell
Forecasting the Demand for Military Network Services David Frankis
Future Concepts - Turning Water into Wine Keith Goodman
Measuring DLoD impacts in trials David Hathaway
Measuring the Benefits of Technologies to Expeditionary Campaign Infrastructure John Jarrett
An Agile Approach to Directing Product Development Strategy against an Uncertain Future Kevin Smith
Agile Forces - Complex Adaptive Systems and the Scenario Space John Medhurst, James Moffat, Tom Scales, Stuart Taylor
Geopolitical Assessment Seminar Series (AKA) Country Workshops Greg Melcher
"Code Red" - Public Warning in Operation "Cast Lead" Ami Mizrahi
'Understanding and Analysing More Mature NEC' James Moffat
Integrated Crisis Early Warning System (ICEWS) Sean O'Brien
Ammunition Reload Requirements of LAV Primary Weapon System Options Geoff Pond
"What's in a name?... That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Or, why half of winning an Irregular War is agreeing what it is... Simon Purton
Wingnuts, Cones and Forks Alan Robinson
What do we mean by Complexity of future operations Andy Simonds
The Complexity of Future Operations Andy Simonds
Towards Appropriate Selection of Analysis Tools and Methods Jeremy Smith
Economic Analysis Study Ted Smyth
Understanding environmental complexity: a simple testbed model and analysis Dr N H J Stanbridge, J J Gillard, Dr Paul R Syms
How to assess deception in a complex environment Dr Paul R Syms