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28th Symposium - 2011

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Ronnie Shephard Memorial Address David Schrady
Using Quantitative Analysis in Support of Military Intelligence Dr Peter Dobias, Dr P Eles, J Schroden, J Wanliss
Seminar War Games for the Analysis of a Wicked, Dangerous, and Uncertain World Col Jeff Appleget, Fred Cameron
European Defence Cooperation in an Uncertain Security Environment Reiner K Huber, James Moffat
How NATO Nations use Foresight to Bound the Future World: Long Range Forecasting for the Security Environment Noel Corrigan
Book of Abstracts
Red Teaming and Peace Gaming: Competitive Analysis at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboritory Alex Ihde
Reflections on SDSR and its Implications for the UK's Future Analysis Capability Alan Robinson
A Method for Civilian Damage Assessment from Rockets & Missiles Barak Corem
Value Focused Metrics David F Davis
Flexibility: Measuring and Valuing Dr Craig Smith
OR Support for Planning in the US Africa Command - Latest Developments David F Davis, Bret Wilson
Analysis of Illicit Power Structures The Cornwallis Group
The Historical Characteristics of Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations Sam Dudin
UK MOD Strategic Defence & Security Review Analysis Support P Stockel
Development of Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) Metrics
Strategic Force Development - the route to the next SDSR Will Jones
Evidential reasoning in Support of Counterinsurgency Intelligence Operations: Combining Evidence from Disparate Sources Dr Walter L Perry
Achieving a Cost Effective Live, Virtual and Constructive Training Mix S Foale
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