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19th Symposium - 2002

Paper Title Authors Full Text
C2 Analysis: Information Age Challenges David S Alberts
Data Administration for Modelling and Simulation P Arwanitis
A Study of the INTERFET operation using DIAMOND S Bocquet
Five Years of Development of New Sources of Information for a Canadian Brigade Fred Cameron, Roger Roy
Improving Confidence in the Assessment of System Performance in Differing Scenarios T D Clayton
What Influences a Decision? D Daniel, John Holt, Graham Mathieson
Defining New Landscapes for Control and Influence to Determine the Value of Information Dr Lorraine Dodd, James Moffat, S Richardson
Building representations of organisational behaviour in models of military HQ: A social scientist's perspective J Fidock
Operational Analysis Support to a Combined Joint Headquarters on a Crisis Response Operation Ms Michele Fisher, LTC Luc Debuyst, Col Mogens Andersen, Dr Wolfgang Nonnenmacher
The Use and Misuse of Scenario Planning J Foghelin
Issues in the Validation of Battle Models David Frankis
C2 Analysis: Rules and Principles Dr R E Hayes
Scenarios Prepared in the Czech Republic as a Method for Prediction of the Future J Janosec
Planning Situations - a General Approach to Scenario Development I Johansen
Evaluating Force Requirements K Kaunitz, T Ritchey
Info-Centric Scenario Development W J Krondak, M P Coville
Project MacDuff: Network Disruption F C Mahncke
Information Value: The value of evidence Dr D J Marsay
Formulating the Problem and the Strategy for Solution James Moffat
Operational Scenarios for the Evaluation of an Airborne Radio I Netzer, A Pe'er
Complexity and National Security P Purdue, D Gaver
C2IS - A Novel Method for Assessing the Value of Information Systems K Rawlings
Support to HQ ISAF, Kabul, Afghanistan, Spring 2002 J Sharpe
Optimising Capacity and Competence Dr Craig Smith
Spanning the Scenario Space P Thomas
Scenario development for Crisis Response Operations: How to include the mental component? B Barbier, M Voskuilen, Freek-Jan Toevank, Belinda Smeenk
The use of scenarios to develop Concepts of Operation for unmanned vehicles M Tulip
From Policy to Plans: Using Scenarios R Vincent
Using Data on Air-to-Air Engagements in Exercises to Examine C2 Issues R C Wheeler
What Matrix Gaming is and how and when to do it Michael J Young