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25th Symposium - 2008

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Complex adaptive and 'inquiring' systems approaches for contemporary military operations A Alston, Dr Lorraine Dodd
The Use of Linear Programming in Military Operational Analysis (1968-2008) G C Beare
Nearly a Century - Lessons from the Practice of Military Operational Research over 90 years Fred Cameron
Modeling and Evaluating Irregular Warfare in the Age of Complexity Dr Peter Dobias, Dr Kevin Sprague
Military OR after the Cold War - a Random Walk through the UK Experience Dr Roger Forder
The size of MARS: Quantifying Requirements for the Royal Navy's Future Afloat Support Fleet Y Gauthier, William Wardrop, A Price, Alan Lawrence
Military OR/SA in Germany since the 1960s: A Personal Recollection and Outlook Reiner K Huber
Exploring Complex Adaptive Systems Dr Niki Jobson, A M Grisogono
Supporting Improvements to UK Defence Supply Chain Management Chris Johnson, P Cranch
Predicting Conflict J Kalil
The ABCA Scenario - Issues for Analysis W J Krondak
Info-Centric Scenario Development W J Krondak, M P Coville
Unit Combat Power (and Beyond) W J Krondak, R Cunningham, O Hunsaker, D Derendinger, S Cunningham, M Peck
Leveraging Hierarchical Scenarios for Analysis W J Krondak
Scenarios - Foundation for Combat Developments W J Krondak
Research and Analysis for Stability Operations (SO) and Irregular Warfare (IW) Environments W J Krondak
Air Force Operational Research in Canada: Past, Present, and Future David W Mason
Looking to the Future: Representing Higher Level Planning in a Wargaming or Synthetic Environment S Fellows, James Moffat
Cui bono? Analysis of conflict in multi-agent systems Alistair Morley
From Product Assessment to Service Solutions: The changing role of industry and consultancies in military OR John Mountain
Measuring the Potential Benefits of Research - To inform Operational Analysis planning S Nicholas
OR - Past, Present & Future: Do you know where your OR Analyst is, (was), (will be) tonight
The import for and challenges to OR presented by the new US operational and counterinsurgency doctrines E Pechous
Report Back Syndicate 2
Looking to the Future: Assessing Green(er) Operations Alan Robinson
25 Years of Military OA/OR Syndicate Exercises G Rose
Lessons Learnt from the Peace Operations Forum (The Cornwallis Group) 1996-2008 - Part 1 G Rose, G Visco
Lessons Learnt from the Peace Operations Forum (The Cornwallis Group) 1996-2008 - Part 2 G Visco, G Rose
Analysis of the Qualities Providing Robust Defence Systems Jeremy Smith, H Serjeant
Operations Analysis in Iraq: Helping the Command Grapple with Uncertainty and Complexity R Shearer
A Proposal for a Norwegian Defence Conceptual Framework R Stensrud, F Rutledal, T Bjornsgaard, F Danjord
Friendly fire, historical analysis, and why database size counts Dr Paul R Syms
United Kingdom & United States TRACER / FSCS Combined Analysis (1999, 16 ISMOR) Dr Paul R Syms, W J Krondak, J A Hunt
United Kingdom & United States TRACER / FSCS Combined Analysis (2001) Dr Paul R Syms, W J Krondak, J A Hunt
25 Years of Military Operations Research in the US G Visco
More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Cornwallis Keynotes Eugene P Visco
The First Scientific Dispute over Effects R C Wheeler
Joint Intelligence Model (J2M): Evaluating ISTAR Capability (POSTER) Tom Baldwin, A Couzens, V Wardman