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11th Symposium - 1994

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Languages and Leadtimes in R&D for Future Generations of C3I P S Agrell
A Heuristic Look at Air Vehicle Choice for C3 Missions David E Anderson
Quantifying Benefits of Ballistic Vulnerability Reduction Measures for C2 Units using the Army Unit Resiliency Analysis (AURA) model Marianne Kunkel
Concept of the Information Campaign: Initial Insights into its Development and Execution S Bonder, M Farrell, K Close
Assessing the Tactical Value of Information Summary Report Gregory M Swider, Charles H Voas, Lloyd W Koenig, Barbara J Lingberg
Command and Control Modeling for Computer Assisted Exercises Tad Clark
Collective Training and C3I Noel Corrigan, D A Williams, T R Newman
Representation of C3I in Artillery Simulation Martin Deister
An Analogy between the Human Brain and the Military Command Information System Dr Lorraine Dodd
Long Term Scientific Study on Computer Assisted Exercise (CAX) Technology LTSS/40 Uwe Dompke, Peter Weimann
C3I Information Process Analysis Mel Forster, Caren Purdy, Shirley Brennen
The Operational Assessment of Submarine Communications Options Julie Gadsden, Martin Moseley, Neil Ferguson, Alastair Crothers
Evaluating Command and Control: The Modular Command and Control Evaluation Structure John M Green
Combined Operational Effectiveness and Investment Appraisal for CIS: the Challenge Julie Gadsden, Bruce Harmsworth, Peter D Staton, Carl Dalton
Development of an Automated Convoy Planning System David A Horner, Burhman Gates, C Lance Strahan
Theater Missile Defense (TMD) Army Attack Operations Phillip W Jones
The Policy Implications of Command and Control in Multi-National Peace Support Operations David F Davis
Critical Path Approach to Command and Control Systems D J Lamb, P F O'Neill
The ABCA Scenario W J Krondak
The Use of Analysis and Test and Evaluation to Support the Acquisition of the Army Tactical Command and Control System D Sizelove
C3I Architecture Performance in Naval Joint Warfare Dr Paul N Chouinard, Ms Sylvie Martel
A Strategy for Modelling the Human Commander Graham Mathieson, Dr D L Dolman
The Artillery C2I Modelling Environment (ACME) Ruth McCarthy
The Contribution of Snipers to Command, Control Communication and Information Systems I M Mitchell
The Analysis of Strategic Communications using Petri-Nets James Moffat
The Value of Information on the Outcome of Maritime Operations: The Use of Experts in Analysis Dr Walter L Perry, Steven J White
C3I in the M1A2 Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis (COEA) Richard Porter, Stan Gray, Capt Garry Bishop
Representation of C3 in the JOHANNES model K J Simonsen
Decision Support for Chemical and Biological Defence Teresa Worrall
Modelling the Organisation in CIS Applications P J Wright
The Impact of C3I on the Battlefield: a NATO exploratory study George Pickburn
Distributed Interactive Simulation as a Tool for Evaluation and Acquisition of C3I systems H Fallin
CIS Effectiveness Assessment for Defence Operational CIS Strategy H Harte
Determining the Information Exchange Requirements for Command, Control, Communication and Information Systems R Pratt
USACE Logistics-Over-The-Shore (LOTS) Operational Research to Enhance Future Operations Dr Lyndell Hales
Conception of the new French movement planning system Lt Col Requillard
Force Deployment in a Conventional Theatre-level Military Engagement Dr Kevin Y K Ng
Strategic Lift Requirements for Article V and Peace Support Operations J de Nijs
Strategic Mobilisation and Deployment in the post Cold War Era M Potter
Provision of OA advice to an Operational HQ G Macinnes, N Lambert
Operations Other Than War - Wider Peacekeeping Case Study: Operational Hamden K B Brown
Force Planning for Peacekeeping Operations R J M Bailey, N Ferguson
Preparation for Future Conflict - US Emphasis on MOBA-OOTW W K Olson
Joint Readiness Assessment David Schrady
The Prediction of the Cost of Military Operations - Training, Deployment, Sustainment, Recovery R Atkinson
The Peace Operations Game: Purpose and Product Alfonso A Diaz, Jerome R Visser
The Peace Operations Game: Process and Analysis David F Davis, E Smith
TOPAS, a Petri Network-based Simulation Tool for the Strategic Shift and Supply of Armed Forces Martin Deister
OR Assistance to Crisis Reaction Army Task Force Planning W Haas, Robert Hagen
Fast Simulations of Conflict with Embedded Command and Control: an Application of the Use of Cellular Automata S Richardson, Dr Lorraine Dodd
The Role of Field Experimentation in Streamlining the Re-design of US Army Forces for the 21st Century Dr Henry C Dubin
The Price of Attrition I Netzer
The Application of Utility Theory to Air Campaign Modelling R C Wheeler
Wargaming as an Aid to Mission Planning Lt Col G S Lane
Military Judgement in C3I Studies - is it Judge and Jury? Graham Mathieson
The Use of Experts to Assess the Value of Information in Decision Making: Analytical Techniques Applied to Maritime Operations Dr Walter L Perry
Sufficiency of Force in Conventional Warfare R Goodman
Simulation of Casualty and Illness Incidence among Ground Troops and Forces Afloat Christopher G Blood, William M Pugh
Casualty Estimation in Open and Guerilla Warfare Hugh D Richardson, Goodman
The Etiology of Fratricide among Dismounted Soldiers Eugene P Visco
US / UK Fratricide Study Maj G K Coleman, Ms L Southerd
The Operational Requirement based Casualty Assessment (ORCA) Model David N Neades
Collateral Damage Assessment for Tactical Ballistic Missiles Dr A P Bryant
The Record of Missile Attacks on Ships Capt W P Hughes
Canadian Approaches to Contingency Planning and Scenario Generation J G Moscrip