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15th Symposium - 1998

Paper Title Authors Full Text
Methods for Studying Digitization in a Coalition Forice Maj Benjamin J Barris
Quantification of the Battle of Kursk Walter J Bauman
Is a Revolution in Analysis Required? Canadian Defence Operational Research: Changes and Challenges Ann Bradfield
Project Albert: A Well Tempered Revolution Dr Alfred G Brandstein, Dr Gary E Horne, Capt Mike Strycharz
Accuracy of Judgmental Methods Alan Brignell
Logistics: The Future Role for Analysis Dr Robert Bristow, Dr Jordan Giddings
Contrary Schools of Thought within Military Decision-making Groups Fred Cameron
Simulating Operation and Support Costs using System Dynamics Jonathan Coyle
A V/L Taxonomy for Analyzing Ballistic Live-Fire Events Dr Paul H Deitz
Recent Applications and Implications of the Ballistic V/L Taxonomy Dr Paul H Deitz
Stochastic Analysis for Deployments and Excursions (SADE) LTC Patrick J DuBois
Peacekeeping in Bosnia: Fatality Estimates The Dupuy Institute
SALOMO: Decision Support to Air Base Logistics Nicole van Elst
The Role of Maritime Forces in Peace Support Operations and Analysis of Maritime Force Requirements Ms Michele Fisher
When Systems are Simulations: T&E, VV&A, or both? Priscilla A Glasow, Michael Borowski
Complexity Theory: the Simple Answer to All Our Problems Peter Grainger
Combat Tasks and Peace Support: How Much Retraining is Necessary? Charles F Hawkins
Trends in Land Combat (TLC) Dr Robert L Helmbold
Report to Studies, Analysis and Simulation Panel Dr Jacqueline Henningsen
Analysis of US Involvement in Multiple Small Scale Contingencies Dr Jacqueline Henningsen
Feasibility Study into the Application of Soft OA Techniques in Peacekeeping Scenarios John Holt, Hugh D Richardson
Methods for Evaluation of Air-Defence Systems on Surface Ships Lars Hostbeck
On the Interdependence of Force Size, Personnel Structure and Modernization Level under Limited Budgets: a Cursory Analysis of Defense Planning Issues in NATO's New Mission Environment Reiner K Huber
Is a Revolution in Analysis Required? Providing Operational Analysis Advice to an Operational HQ N J Lambert, P W Bailey, G Rose
Stochastic Analysis for Deployments and Excursions (SADE) Col Andrew Loerch
Maritime Force Structure Planning in the Post Cold War Environment David W Mason
Rigorous Subjectivity - How will OA survive the "soft" revolution Graham Mathieson
Maintaining Orbit - the Need for Constant Revolution in Operational Analysis I M Mitchell
Representing the Human Decision-making Process in Simulation Models of Combat James Moffat, Dr Lorraine Dodd
Assessing Vulnerability: Benefits, Costs and Risks Martha Krug Nelson
Command Control and Communication Simulation for Fire Support Altan Ozkil, Berna Dengiz
The Generation, Use and Misuse of "PKs" in Vulnerability/Lethality Analyses Dr Paul H Deitz, Dr Michael W Starks
Modelling Human Factors in Combat Simulations: Fear as part of Combat21: Paper 1 S Trivella
Advances in Representing the Degradative Effects of Chemical and Biological Weapons in Conflict Edward Wilson
OA Challenges Offered by New Weapon Systems Jenny Young