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21st Symposium - 2004

Paper Title Authors Full Text
MOE & EBO in HQ ARRC Hugh D Richardson
Analytic Decision Support in a Civilian Organization: OPP&A in the CPA David F Davis
Discontinuity in decision-making when objectives conflict: a military command decision case study James Moffat, Graham Mathieson, Dr Lorraine Dodd, Prof Jim Smith
On the application of simple OR models to the Land Force Peter J Dortmans, Stephen Bourn, Richard Egudo, Svetoslav Gaidow, Wayne Hobbs, Denis Shine
Combining Cognitive Maps with other OR methods to support Decision-Makers C Drysdale
Using portfolio analysis to provide shared Bol decision-making between supplier and customer Dave Exelby
Use of a Simple Model for Rapid Assessment of Artillery Munition Options Neil Ferguson
Fast Modeling Techniques for C4ISR Problems J Furman
Interacting with an ever changing Decision-Maker (with a current example from KFOR) S Harrison
Interacting with the Decision Maker: Presentations and Syndicate Exercises - Introduction G Hawkins
Construction of a tool for economic analysis of force structures, and its use in transformation of the Swedish Armed Forces K H Henriksson, U Jonsson
System Dynamics for Naval C3I John Holt
An Introduction to the Development, Application, Uses and Limitations of STAMPER: Systematic Task Analysis for Measuring Performance and Evaluation Risk E Kalantzis
The Use of Objective Analysis for the Prioritisation of UK Equipment Plan Options for TST Kevin Smith, B Spedding
"Facts, Figures and Facilitation": Interacting with the Decision Maker Col N J Kvist, S Dean
Assessing the Value of US Army International Activities J P Marquis
How to Use and Abuse MCDA and Consensus Support Methods David W Mason
How much is enough? Requisite modelling for socio-technical problems Graham Mathieson, Kathryn Hynd
Assessing Instability in the Information Age: Managing Overwhelming Information with Simple Models D T Maxwell
The Value of Information John Medhurst, Maj I Stanton, I M Mitchell
Rapid Evaluation of ASW Risk John Moore, D Lewis
Assessing the Military Benefits of NEC Using a Generic Kill-Chain Approach D Nevell
Optimising Networking in Air Defence J Offord
Simple Models at HQ 1(UK) Div Op TELIC J G Owen
Defense Science and Technology Programs - Issues and Recommendations P Purdue
ISTAR Testbed: The Experimentation Facility for the ISTAR Community K Rawlings, S Brooker
Use and abuse of simple models - When is a model not a model? G Richards, M O'Connor
Modeling and Analysis of Post-Conflict Reconstruction Lt D B Richardson, Dr R F Deckro, Maj V D Wiley
Small (and simple) is Useful: Simple Models as aids for Higher Level Military Decision Making M Sharvit
The Need for and Value of Simple OA Models in Industry S W J Atchison
International Collaboration and the DIAMOND Peace Support Model (POSTER) Pete Bailey, C Snell
Aggregation of Monte Carlo Models to Support Meta-Modelling (POSTER) Cressida Johnson, Dr R Williams